1960s+ Sennheiser MD421-2


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Zur Abgabe kommt eines meiner Lieblingsmikrophone – Ein Sennheiser MD421-2. Für mich eines der besten Mikrophone wenn es um die Aufnahme vom Bass-Sound geht.

Der optische Zustand ist super erhalten. Technisch funktioniert das MD421-2

  • Anschluss: DIN 41624 – Großtuchel
  • Serial: 32126
  • Gewicht: 0,365 kg


One of my favorite microphones is for sale – a Sennheiser MD421-2. For me one of the best microphones when it comes to recording bass sound

  • Connection: DIN 41624 – Großtuchel
  • Serial: 32126
  • weight: 0,365 kg

Please look closely at the pictures and ask as many questions as possible if something is unclear. Prefer a few more questions than to have the surprise afterwards. The shipment is securely packed. You are welcome to take a look at my website for insights, I will show you how I pack and ship by using pictures. There are also other high-resolution pictures here.

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